You’ve seen it in bicycle races and
you’ll even see it in competitive swimming.

It’s a step-stair formation where one body follows behind and to the right or left of another. Hence the name ‘echelon,’ literally the French word for the rung of a ladder.

Echelon is a marketing research team passionate about and committed to winning in the marketplace. We’re not trying to be the biggest. Our ambition is to be the best, and that entails producing consistently valuable insights for our clients and providing them with the intelligence to continue dominating their field.

At Echelon how we do things is as important as what we do. Echelon cares for each clients’ business as if it were our own. We work closely with our clients by seamlessly integrating our team with yours, empowering each other to deliver the greatest possible advantage.

If your company is engaged in or requires new product development, strategic marketing, customer barometrics or advertising/concept evaluations then you’re in the ideal position to capitalize on our services. Echelon has substantial experience and expertise in conducting research for product design and development, innovation, marketing strategy, brand positioning and customer satisfaction.

Echelon turns information into intelligence, intelligence into strategy and strategy into market success.